BORN DIVINE, CEO of The Better Life Movement, Indie Boom, LLC. & IMG Marketing Group, Inc. is a master of his talent. Currently holding a distribution deal with the infamous Protect Ya Neck Records, under Wu Tang Management and business partners with Wu 10th General hip hop legend Cappadonna, he is well known for one thing…. The Grind.
Native to Baltimore, MD, Born has seen some of the worst things life can offer. Raised in a single parent household Born is no stranger to struggle, and its through his past street life Born has a humble demeanor that keeps him rooted and compassionate. Its also because of his lifes experiences he is far from naive and has a tremendous ability to work hard. As a young adult Born had a run in with the law that resulted in spending 4 consecutive years behind bars. While incarcerated, Born developed in his faith which allowed him to perservere and later develop a company that has already changed the Independent Artist market.
His strong passion to deliver hard hitting reality rap lyrics was first ignited as a youth upon hearing Eric B.
and Rakim . He related deeply with the beat and the lyrics as they were a reflection of his
real life situations growing up in rough community of East Baltimore, it was music that changed his life. Born became intrigued to learn how to express his story through music. As Born has mastered the art of hip-hop story telling, he has also developed his skills with his own distinct way to deliver his life experience with passion. Known for his signature, agressive style of original and versatile flow . when creating a new track it is his mission to make sure its unique.
As an artist Born met Cappadonna from WuTang Clan in 2005 and through their friendship Born Divine became Cappadonna's hype man and later became an affiliate of WuTang as well as a member of Protect Ya Neck Records. This allowed Born to experience the tour life and learn the business side of the major label industry which also allowed him to build relationships beneficial to him as well as identify the real needs of an artist and create innovative ways to address areas of opportunity. In 2008 Born Divine was Cappadonna's most featured artist on the CAPITILIZE PROJECT.
In the Fall of 2011, Born started his own Digital Media Distribution Network known as INDIEBOOM.COM, which gave him the opportunity to develope a platform for his vision and allowed him to design a system for Independent Artists to have the same benefits and resources as an artist signed to a major label but on an Independent Artist's budget. Now popularly known as Born built a structure that has allowed many artists to invest in thier own success. As popularity for his work has expanded to an international level his goal is to continue to create a haven where indie artists of all genres can do much more than just distribute music.

As the music industry is constantly changing, Born wants to make sure that he and fellow indie artists remain relevant as they embark on the journey to become future icons. Born is also dedicated to The Better Life Movement, an organization on a mission to bring change within struggling inner-city communities through music and volunteer work.
He admires the work of fellow MC’s Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon The Chief, in
addition to recording artists Styles P, Jadakiss, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Biggie
Smalls, Tupac, Nas, Mobb Deep, Dogg Pound, Bone Thug, and Jay-Z just to name a few. Born, greatly respects the contributions they have made to the music industry and strives to do the same.
Born Divine has worked on a number of projects to include the following artists:
J-Tripz ( Dpng), Thin C (Mo Thugs), Chi King (Bk Zu), Raekwon The Chief (Wu Tang).

More than just an MC , Born Divine takes time out of his busy schedule to mentor
misguided youth and raise money for charity. He is grateful for his success and
shows his appreciation by giving back to the community.
Humble Servant
Family Man
Hard Worker
Leader....BORN DIVINE!


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