Kei Lani Royalty

Nickname Kei Lani
Full name Kiesha Maddox
Genre Rap-HipHop-R&B
Official website

Kei Lani Royalty (Pronounced Key Lani Royalty)

 Kei Lani Royalty (Real Name is Kiesha Maddox) was born to parents Dorine and Junie Maddox in Chicago Illinois, the 8th child out of 10. All of her sibling and parents moved to Palmdale California , when she was just 4; where she was


the age of 9 she started writing her own music, she had written her first song named "Got an attitude". she was on and off with music through out her child hood up until the age of 20, when she met "Fully Loaded" and immediately was determined to never stop again. She is also known by the name Princess K but has developed into Kei Lani Royalty. She has worked with many artist Like Orlando Brown, Angel Combs"(The Hit Mechanix ) and producers like "Tyron Allen" in her path making song after song and known producers such as Flawless Tracks which has produced for artist such as Wale . She was involved in a video shoot in Las Vegas NV by" Tay Price" called "REP YOUR CITY" Filmer of Honey cocaine's Vlog/interview and multiple video's from Dizzy wright of Funk volume. She currently resides in Las Vegas ,NV continuing her love for music.Kei Lani Royalty Recently Released her album "It's Royalty" and currently released her mixtape "The Bitch in me" on Datpiff mixtapes and her second album "The Maturity" will be released in 2019 From her Record Label "It's Royalty" e.n.t. You can download the album NOW. "The Maturity" on

, watch video's, interviews, and Performances from Kei-Lani's on you tube under princessk320 or Kei Lani Royalty Facebook: Kei Lani Royalty follow her on twitter @keilani11 instagram @keilaniroyal1.Kei Lani Royalty's video's Tonight and The Bitch In Me were on the countdown for months in New York on Video City who also had an interview with Nicki Minaj. She performs in Las Vegas NV at the Mayans club, The Beauty Bar, Shifty's,the Bunk House, Money plays, Boomers as seen on Juicy J One of those nights ft.The weekends,and Lvcs with Dj Drama (Gansta Grills) and Curtis Young Dr Dre's son and many more places. Kei Lani Royalty was on the local chanel in Las Vegas THE ONLY TELEVISED SHOW IN LAS VEGAS...Sat night Midnight cox ch 14 Direct Tv CH 25 on the PLEEZZ BELIEVE SHOW Every Saturday. Featured in 2016 Fall XXl magazine (with Gucci Mane,Young Thug, Young M.A and many more), Hustle Magazine,Hype Magazine, Urban Culture magazine, and over seas Rude Boy Magazine Mulltiple Radio Interviews. Kei Lani Royalty has been nominated for multiple awards through Bma Female hip hop artist of the year the verge award (in which she won) and Urban culture's song of the year and Won Song of the month Music play on Radio stations Power 88.

1 fm and 91.5 fm rebel radio hd-2 and 98.2 The Beat L.A by the legendary Dj King Assassin (Tupacs Dj).Kei Lani Royalty is a international artist on Fm stations world wide like The Real Reocognise Real 101.8 wcrfm Uk. Kei Lani Royalty's second appearance in the Magazine XXL is coming out in 2020. One of the Top Indie Artist in The Streets with the people distributing her music as well as on line on Kei Lani Royalty | Kei Lani Royalty Kei Lani Royalty | Kei Lani Royalty Cw network co host on Zaina Juliett and friends every sunday at 11 pacific and 2pm Eastern where the whole cast is being followed up until The Girl Power Tour. Kei Lani Royalty is an original, loyal, strong Indie artist from the west coast who is modest, positive, versatile and has positive messages in her music to share with the world.


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