The Man...... The Myth...... (Tiger X)

December 19, 2020 - 01:15 PM
The Man..... The Myth.....
Written by Poetry:
     Tiger X is a Grammy award winning producer who produced Gladys Knight "At Last" album. He is a Chicago native who is a singer/songwriter/producer who plays the guitar, bass, keys & plays the drums. Tiger X was blessed with his name by his homie & since then he knew that it fit him & he was Tiger X.
      Before his music career Tiger X was a boxer, his father is still a boxing manager, so he encouraged his son to pursue that sport. Tiger was a five-time Chicago District champ & former Chicago Golden Gloves Champion. Though he was good at this sport he knew he wanted to pursue music. Listening to his major influences which was Prince and George Clinton & Parliament, Tiger knew that he could make music as well and he was ready to learn.
   Tiger X could be considered a very well rounded musician due to the instruments he plays, such as guitar, bass keys, and drums & the art he makes. Taking a major risk to follow his passion Tiger X moved to Las Vegas with his then Manager Music ICON Jimmy Newman, who is the son of legendary Gladys Knight. Jimmy Newman was a manager who helped Tiger X perfect his songwriting & producing skills. These skills he acquired helped him produce for artist such as Mavis Staples, Toni Braxton & of course the legendary Gladys Knight.
   As his music continued to get better Gladys Knight became a friend & a mentor which helped his career even more. After the untimely death of Jimmy Newman, Tiger X & Gladys Knight got closer after the passing of her son & they collaborated on her "At Last" album which won a Grammy. They followed up with "Light up the Land" which was the theme song for the 2002 Winter Olympics.
     Recently he has released his debut album Fake News which had two songs hit the Top Ten Billboard "Since U Been Gone" & "Fame" (the remake to David Bowie's classic) Since then all Tiger X wants to do is work on his own music, continuing enjoying his craft. 2020 Tiger X has released his single "SISTA" (The remake to Angie Stones 2002 Brotha) He has released a video for his song "Strange Fruit." Tiger X is getting ready to drop his new single "The Rapture" from the upcoming album "The Rapture" which will be released on Jan. 5th 2021. As a producer he has also produced for Marques Houston, Chief Keef, Snoop Dogg, Heather Walker, & etc.
   All though he has accomplished all this he is still humble about his art. The advice he would like give to the independent artist that are up & coming trying to make it, is you better know the business of your craft. 


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